What is Sacred Moon Life Center?

In 2007, after searching for a different vibe from city living,  a country home was purchased in Fairburn, Georgia to create a healing space, a place of simplicity named “Sacred Moon.”  A place to unplug. A place to relax, heal, grow, be and know.  Through much transition of the host (only child, only sibling and father’s death; having to move back home to Washington, DC for seven years to work;  the threat of losing this sacred space in a forced short sale; and the loss of that wonderful job),  Sacred Moon was also undergoing transition being reevaluated, re-birthed, and reinvented.

Although Sacred Moon has hosted guest in the past, there was something missing. It had not completely been defined what was offered and and what the inspiration to others would be.  In 2016 (nine years later), a bright light bulb appeared offering with it “Overnight Professional Coaching.” Thus giving it a new name “Sacred Moon Life Center “- Where your spirit is free to enjoy a peaceful human experience.

What is Overnight Professional Coaching?

Perhaps there is something in your life that has been lost, put off, or delayed that appears to be unachievable, unreachable, unthinkable and or unavailable.”Sacred Moon Life Center”  is the place where you begin to see the only “un” is in the word unplug.  After a good nights rest where simplicity and relaxation is the short term goal, you get a complimentary one hour professional coaching session to plug into the beginning of reaching, achieving, rethinking, and moving in the direction of a goal that you want to accomplish in the next 6 to 9 months.    Perhaps, you just want to experience the complimentary professional coaching session and your goal was simply met with being able to unplug for one night.

At “Sacred Moon”, we honor choices and respect individuals for who and where they are in this journey called “Life.”


Gina Maria “Chenoa”